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Food with 'love'

The pandemic affected us all in some way or the other. Its people, the Government of India fought against the COVID-19 pandemic, with isolation and lockdown together. The pandemic affected millions of migrants, laborer and underprivileged sections of society.

As people affected by the pandemic continue to fight a hunger crisis, it is time Fauji ke Alfaaz stands with them for their well-being.

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As people affected by the pandemic continue to fight a hunger crisis, it is time the NGO stands with them for their well-being. In this covid-19 pandemic era, Fauji ke Alfaaz has served more than 10,00,000 meals in the form of cooked meals and grocery kits to marginalized families.

Let us help those in extreme need at this time!

As the pandemic hits us all this year, The Fauji ke Alfaaz continues its support to relieve people struggling with basic necessities like healthy food.

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10,00,000+ meals

300+ Volunteers for Food with 'love'

Fauji ke Alfaaz
Fauji ke Alfaaz Uttarakhand
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FKA serves cooked meals to daily-wagers, construction-site workers, laborer, migrants and needy people. The cost of each cooked meal is ₹33. 

To support a marginalized family of four members for 15 days, a Family Grocery Kit is distributed by the organization so that they can prepare 2 meals a day. Cereals, Dals, Pulses, Oil, and other accompaniments can help them cook healthy meals during this pandemic. The cost of each grocery kit is ₹1200.

The food packets will be distributed with the name and city of the donor written on them.

Once the food packets are distributed to unprivileged people, the every possible photo associated with your meal donation will be shared over WhatsApp or E-mail.

We will try our best to distribute the donated meal(s) by the end of every calendar month and photos would be shared with the donor of the meal(s) by the next working day via Whatsapp or E-mail.

Donations made to 'Fauji ke Alfaaz' are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80(G). The respective acknowledgment and certificate will be sent immediately on your e-mail.

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