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Help the NGO to build Gau-Shalas

This is the President of Fauji ke Alfaaz, who is seeking help to establish Gau-Shalas to save our Holy cows.

In the Hindu tradition, the cow is honoured, garlanded and given special feedings at festivals all over India. In the Vedas, cows represent wealth and joyous Earthly life. However, In many parts of India, where religious conversion (From Hindu to other religions) is at its peak and henceforth the killing of holy cows to have beef by these converted communities is also rising. The cows roaming on the streets are easy targets for them; hence, striking the spiritual & religious beliefs of Hindus.

Fauji ke Alfaaz as an NGO has decided to protect the cows by making shelters cum Gau-Shalas in the regions where the conversion is at its peak. This will not only save the Holy cows but will also make stronger beliefs about Hinduism among Hindus.

The NGO Fauji ke Alfaaz needs your help to save our cows who are the most loving of Lord Krishna. You are requested to kindly help us to achieve our target and take the privilege to save thousands of cows from being killed.

Donations made to us are exempted from Income Tax under IT section 80(G).

Go through the link to Donate for holy Cows’ Campaign 👇🏼

Or you also donate directly to the NGO for the cause by the link 👉🏽

Paytm No. 8508208282

UPI Handle: supportfauji@yesbankltd

For any assistance, you can always write at or Whatsapp at +91-8508208282.

Jai Hind!

Kuldeep Sharma


Fauji ke Alfaaz

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