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'Fauji ke Alfaaz' with its project श्रम is dedicated to creating resources of livelihood for underprivileged people. We do this through developing skills in underprivileged people and then helping to set up the same kind of small business. 

At present the NGO is more focused towards the people who have lost their jobs due to pandemic and are struggling to earn their daily wages.


The NGO with its project श्रम aims to create livelihood or basic employment with its hard efforts. Dedicated to generate resources of livelihood for underprivileged people the NGO also aims to help the women of villages & small towns to establish small scale industries such as sewing shop, cloth designing, beauty parlor etc., and hence they can find a source of income.

In India, 63% population is in the working age group (15-64 years), and is projected that in 2026 this will increase to 68.4%. Such a big labor force, if properly utilized can be proof as demographic dividend. 

Keeping this in mind Fauji ke Alfaaz with mission श्रम is dedicated to creating resources of livelihood for underprivileged people.


Current unemployment rate of India stood at 12%. About one third of the youth at the 15-29 years are unemployed.

India is posting larger growth in technology and production but still there is a wide gap between the rich and poor.

The richest category earns 10% of the total 30-40% of world's total income while the poor category earns only 2-3% of the total income.

54+ Livelihood

5,00,000+ Meals

974+ Trees Planted

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I am Salma Begum. I live in the small town called Talapara of Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh.

Everyone was struggling for their daily bread during the ongoing global pandemic of Covid-19. It was a hard time for me too as I was the only bread earner of my family. 

It was a dark night of Aug'20 when some goons lit my small shop on fire. It was full of grief and mental trauma as the small shop was my only source of income. I tried every bit for a week to re-establish my shop but it was hard to take a loan to get it done. 

Suddenly a volunteer from Fauji ke Alfaaz NGO appeared next to me and inquired about the situation. The NGO within no time decided to help this poor lady to earn my daily bread again. Although, due to strict lockdown and curfew in my locality, it was difficult to arrange the resources to build a new shop. But FKA within a couple of days & doing their best completed their promise to me and my small kids. 

This was the time when I was again in my senses and was able to fill the stomach of my family. I am grateful to the NGO who came as a hero in my tough time and helped me through it. God bless the NGO!

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