Over 700 million Indians earn less than USD 3.10 per day. Whatever meager amount they save isn't enough to spend on adequate healthcare, education, clean drinking water, sanitation and other basic necessities. 

Fauji ke Alfaaz with its mission श्रम aims to create livelihood or basic employment with it's hard efforts.

In india 63% population is in the working age group (15-64 years) and is projected that in 2026 this will increase to 68.4%. Such a big labour force, if properly utilized can be proof as demographic dividend. 

Keeping this in mind Fauji ke Alfaaz with mission श्रम is dedicated to create resources of livelihood for underprivileged people. The NGO with its mission श्रम aims to create livelihood or basic employment with it's hard efforts. Dedicated to generate resources of livelihood for underprivileged people the NGO also aims to help the women of villages & small towns to establish small scale industries such as sewing shop, cloth designing, beauty parlor etc., and hence they can find a source of income.





Current unemployment rate of India stood at 12%. About one third of the youth at the 15-29 years are unemployed.

India is posting larger growth in technology and production but still there is a wide gap between the rich and poor.

The richest category earns 10% of the total 30-40% of world's total income while the poor category earns only 2-3% of the total income.

The employbility gap stood at 61 million (job lost). This can be filled only by creating 280 million jobs by 2019.


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